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Should I upgrade from the Xiaomi Band 6 to the Band 7? -KKJ

by store KKJ on Jun 08, 2022

Mi Band 6 VS Mi Band 7

The Xiaomi Band has always been one of the best wearable devices for those on a budget, so if you're not sure of the options you need, make sure you see the end.

Updates don't necessarily mean better, and some products always require user feedback on issues to improve the upgraded product when upgrading.

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Let's start by looking at the Mi Band 7 compared to the Mi Band 6 advantages

  • Screen: stretched to 1.62 inches, with a 25% increase in viewing area.
  • Colour scheme: more colours, clock faces and an improved user interface
  • Sport modes: increased from 30 to 120
  • Battery: up from 125mAh to 180mAh
  • Bluetooth: upgraded to 5.2
  • Oxygen function: continuous SpO2 tracking and low oxygen alert for sensible exercise
  • CPU: more powerful Dialog 14706 CPU

Should I upgrade from the Xiaomi Band 6 to the Band 7?

Of course while presenting advantages, there are also what I consider to be the only disadvantages.

Weight: along with the increased battery, the weight is more than ten grams heavier than the xiaomi band 6, which may not be acceptable for some users.

However I believe that most people can still accept the weight as the only disadvantage.

After all, Xiaomi has always been known for its value for money and nothing at the same price point might be able to surpass the xiaomi band 7 at the moment.

Of course Xiaomi products are usually hard to come by when they are released, so if you are interested you can find out about the Mi Band 7 at KKJ, where you can pre-order it and be the first person around you to own it.
Mi Band 6 VS Mi Band 7