What exactly has the Xiaomi Band 7 Pro upgraded compared to the Xiaomi Band 7?

What exactly has the Xiaomi Band 7 Pro upgraded compared to the Xiaomi Band 7?

by store KKJ on Jul 21, 2022

What exactly has the Xiaomi Band 7 Pro upgraded compared to the Xiaomi Band 7?

In June this year, Xiaomi released the MI Band 7, which is the most powerful Xiaomi band in history, with many upgrades compared to the 6th generation.

The new Xiaomi Band 7 Pro is the first time this product line has been introduced to the Pro level and is the largest new product in the Xiaomi Band series in terms of screen size and upgraded features.

The newest addition to the Mi Band 7 Pro is the newest in the series.


The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro is different from its predecessor in that for the first time, the bracelet has been made into a watch form, with a rectangular dial instead of the previous oval one, and a larger screen display area, making it feel closer to a smartwatch-like appearance. Perhaps the end of the bracelet is the watch.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 expands the screen size to 1.62 inches, increasing the viewing area by 25% and making the screen a better reading experience.
On top of this, the 7 Pro has opted for a larger 1.64-inch screen, closer to the watch look and feel, with a display area that is 50% larger than the Mi Band 7, also bringing a smoother screen experience and more readable content thanks to the narrow bezel design.

In addition, the strap design has also received a major upgrade, as the previous 7 generations of Xiaomi Band were all inherited from the original "rice grain" design, which required a strong "pick off" to remove the strap.

The Mi Band 7 Pro comes with a quick-release strap design, and the strap is now removable up and down, allowing you to change your wristband freely, this new design allows the Xiaomi Band 7 Pro to be charged without removing the strap.

With the addition of a rest screen display, Xiaomi Band 7 Pro allows users to check notifications, time, and other information at a glance without having to lift their wrist. The device is also available in a wide variety of styles, with third-party downloads available in the main market, so users can choose freely.


Compared to the 7 generations, the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro has a larger screen and a narrow bezel design that will bring a lot of new ways to play in addition to larger effective display content.

It is equipped with a Dialog 14706 processor, which is more powerful and brings more sports modes. 7 Pro adds wrist running courses to the original, which can be divided into basic introduction, fat loss and weight loss, endurance improvement, and cardio training.

And with the new version pushed out on the first day of sale, the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro also adds automatic recognition of three exercises: jump rope, elliptical and rowing machine.
In terms of health monitoring, the Xiaomi Band 7 Pro has optimized the health monitoring functions such as sleep, heart rate, and blood oxygen, and will support all-day heart rate monitoring and all-day blood oxygen saturation monitoring.

Not only that, but the Xiaomi Band 7 Pro has a built-in GPS module for the first time, and supports a five-star search. The addition of this feature means that when you are out exercising, you can accurately record your movement without your phone, and no longer need your phone for GPS positioning, effectively solving the previous pain points of users.

The addition of independent GPS positioning is expected to improve the positioning accuracy of the bracelet, avoiding the previous inaccurate positioning and allowing more accurate recording of users' exercise data.

After the new update is pushed, the Xiaomi Band 7 Pro will support WeChat and Alipay payments, and users can use it by binding it according to the guided operation.


In addition to its appearance and functionality, the Xiaomi Band 7 Pro has also been upgraded in terms of battery life.

Xiaomi Band 7 increases the battery to 180mAh and uses magnetic suction for charging; Xiaomi Band 7 Pro increases the capacitance capacity by 55mAh on top of the original one, with a high generation capacity of 235mAh and a longer battery life.
On top of that, the Xiaomi Band 7 Pro charging speed has also been substantially improved, charging for 5 minutes to meet 8 hours of sleep tracking.


The Xiaomi Band 7 Pro continues to be the "price butcher" of Xiaomi, with the Chinese version costing 399 RMB and a debut price of 379 RMB. With a large screen, independent satellite positioning, and NFC, there is no rival in this category, and it could be Xiaomi's next big hit.

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