[New] Xiaomi MI BAND 7 revealed

[New] Xiaomi MI BAND 7 revealed

by store KKJ on May 24, 2022

[New] Xiaomi MI BAND 7 revealed - KKJ

In China, Huawei has just released the Huawei Bracelet 7 with a starting price of 269 yuan. Some waiters are still waiting for the Xiaomi Mi Band 7, when the two will be compared and then consider which bracelet to buy.
The Xiaomi MI BAND 7 is said to have a larger screen than the 1.56-inch one, with an increased resolution of 490*192, which is expected to further improve the fineness and visual appeal of the screen. The screen is also expected to support AOD rest screen display, so that you can watch the time without lifting your wrist, which is more convenient and quicker.
For the first time, GPS positioning will be built into the body, so you can locate the device without your phone when running and record your movements, making it more friendly for some night runners.
The battery capacity has also been upgraded to 250mAh, which is double the capacity of the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 compared to the 125mAh battery, making it much more durable.
There will also be a new Xiaomi smartwatch, which will probably be an upgraded version of the Xiaomi Watch S1. The Chinese version of the Xiaomi. 


MI BAND 7 will hit the shelves at KKJ in a few days, as it is the Chinese version, we will send small packages from Hong Kong to Europe, the expected time frame is 7-15 days, if you want to experience the Xiaomi MI BAND 7 first, please follow KKJ's Facebook and Instagram, you can place your order as soon as it hits the shelves again, we will ship it quickly in the order you place your order.