Mi Band 7 can play games!

Mi Band 7 can play games!

di store KKJ Su Jul 01, 2022

Mi Band 7 can play games!

Just when we were debating whether to replace or buy Xiaomi mi band 7, Chinese gamers have already developed Xiaomi band 7.

What started as just reading e-books has slowly started with the development of games exclusive to the Xiaomi Mi Band 7.

These are made possible through custom dials, where they load the game program onto the dial file.
The games are then embedded into the Mi Band 7 dial interface by importing the custom dials.

The game is played on this 1.62" AMOLED screen.
This is so cool.
Underneath the developer's post, many people feel that Mi Band 7 can increase its sales by another 30% because of these interesting developments.

So far

Mi Band 7 can play games! kkjstore-2-

Xiaomi has officially designed 120 sports modes for the smart band 7, but I'm more excited for these developers to bring me 120 dials with game programs.
I'm sure you guys are looking forward to it as much as I am.

The dial files can be obtained by contacting support@kkjstore.com.
The files are from the Mitan Community Mi Band 7 applet. 
You can also download them yourself through the Mitan community.
Hats off to the creators and thanks for their work.

Think this is the limit of Xiaomi mi band 7 development?
No, far from it.

They have programmed Mi Band 7 into a frequency tunable vibrator.
When something as small as 13.5g vibrates like crazy in the water, do you already have some incredible images in mind?
Yes, Xiaomi band 7 comes with 50M of water resistance.

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Many people have replied below this posting of the developer Chen Xu: Be safe!!!
The image that came to mind. It's just so cool.

It's because Mi Band 7 is equipped with the same ZEEPOS as the watch and supports JS, that's why there are these interesting programs.
The Mi Band 6 doesn't, so it can't support these game dials.

If you have your Band 7 loaded with these game dials. I believe you can reap even more joy.
But, you have to have a Mi Band 7 first.
So, don't hesitate anymore.

For detailed information, please read on. How to install mini games for your Xiaomi Mi Band 7?
-Updated on 18 July 2022

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