Warranty and Return

Returns within the return period


You can return an item within 30 days of the date of purchase, without stating a reason. For more information, please refer to the General Terms and Conditions.

Returns process

We ask that you send an email to support@kkjstore.com with your order number and and stating the reason for your return. You can then download a returns form via this link. If you are not satisfied with the product, the return will be at your own expense. Also includes a 6.4% transaction fee (shopify 2% + paypal 4.4%) !

If a product is defective, we will fully reimburse the cost of returning it.

Your refund will be processed within 3 days of receipt of the return at the warehouse.

Return address

You will be given a return address after contacting KKJ, as KKJ needs to allocate a refund warehouse based on your location.

Refunds will be made within 3 working days of correct receipt of the goods. This does not include bank turnaround time for refunds.

Reporting defects within the warranty period

Warranty Information

All products on the kkjstore.com website are brand new and always covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

A 24-month guarantee in accordance with Decree N. 24/02 applies to non-conforming products, provided that they are used correctly, in accordance with their intended use and in accordance with the specifications in the accompanying technical documentation. This guarantee, in accordance with Decree N. 24/92, applies only to private consumers (natural persons who purchase goods for purposes unrelated to their professional activity or who make a purchase without specifying a VAT number in their order. For customers who specify a VAT number, the guarantee will last for 12 months). In the event of non-compliance, KKJ will restore the conformity of the product by repair/replacement at no cost to the customer until the termination of the contract.

Conditions for availing of the warranty


  • If you need to repair the product and therefore wish to take advantage of the warranty offered, the buyer must send the product together with its original packaging, all components accompanying the product (including any protective film, cables and anything else) present in the original packaging to our head office.


  • The request for repair is subject to the buyer sending tax documents proving the purchase from kkjstore.com e-commerce.

Warranty coverage

The warranty covers manufacturing and software defects. Only certified applications can guarantee the correct functioning of the operating system and accessory software. The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse of the product, drops or impacts. If the manufacturer's assistance service finds defects due to misuse, usually software changes, impact or penetration of liquid components, or if it does not find any defects, it may charge us to inspect the product and these charges will be passed on to the customer to cover the cost of pick-up and return together.


  • Blocked devices

Devices requesting warranty assistance must be unlocked, access to the device is not required to request any type of password and they must not be linked to any account. This can be noted in the notes attached to the device account and password, but is not recommended and the device will not remain in our availability. Normally, KKJ cannot verify that the devices received are protected in some way, the devices are sent to the appropriate manufacturer's assistance network and if they are found to be blocked or inaccessible for any reason, they will certainly be returned to us. This requires contacting the customer to request passwords, accounts etc. etc. as well as a second batch of services.


  • Data stored on the device

The Assistance Service almost always restores the device received by wiping all data. Consider losing the data on the device you sent us. Don't forget to back up your data before delivering your equipment to us.


The guarantees offered by the manufacturer may be


European warranty

The purchase of a product with a European warranty stipulates that
The product is original and has a 1 year warranty according to the consumer code
The manual and documentation is multilingual, if the documentation is not available in Italian, we will provide the manual electronically free of charge for a fee
The warranty covers the Italian warranty as well as the damages covered by it.

International Warranty

The purchase of a product with an international warranty
The product is original and is covered by a 1 year warranty according to the consumer code.
Generally imported products, i.e. those for which the manufacturer has given permission for marketing, only in certain countries.

Warranty process


To register a product for warranty, we ask you to send an email to Support@kkjstore.com. In the email, you can indicate the order number and the existence of the defect. Please also describe the defect in as much detail as possible so that we can reply immediately.

We will then contact you immediately for further processing.