xiaomi mi tv stick
xiaomi mi tv stick - KKJ
xiaomi mi tv stick - KKJ
xiaomi mi tv stick - KKJ
xiaomi mi tv stick - KKJ

xiaomi mi tv stick

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Xiaomi mi tv stick Features

· Turn any TV, monitor or projector into a smart TV
· Runs on Android TV 9.0
· Use the remote control or voice commands
· Project any content from your smartphone, tablet or laptop anytime, anywhere
· Download your favourite apps from the Google Play shop

  • Estimated Delivery:Sep 28 - Oct 02

  • Free Shipping & Returns: On all orders over €89.99 (excluding large items)

xiaomi mi tv stick

xiaomi mi tv stick

Product description
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 Shipping Policy

For orders below €89.99, shipping costs are.

Standard (3-7day). €8.99
Expedited (2-5day). €12.99

For orders above €89.99, shipping costs are.

Standard (3-7day). €0.00
Expedited (2-5day). €6.99


Scope of delivery on the KKJ platform.

The scope of delivery to KKJ buyers includes Spain, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, UK. (All the above countries exclude islands)

1. Distribution related KKJ platform

1. Fill in destination information

(1) Buyers must accurately fill in destination information, such as recipient, contact information, address, etc., when placing an order. Purchased products will be delivered to the address specified by the buyer. The buyer is responsible for any damage caused by incorrect destination information, change of contact person or important dispatch information. Once the products have been shipped, the buyer may not modify the order information.

(2) The Buyer may choose himself or any other person as the recipient by providing the recipient information. If the Buyer chooses another person as the recipient, the signature of the recipient will be deemed to be the signature of the Buyer. If the recipient does not fulfil his obligations under these rules, the buyer shall be liable for the relevant responsibility.

2. Timeout

KKJ will dispatch the goods within 24 - 48 hours based on the paid order. There may be some delays due to objective logistical factors; be patient.

If there are other regulations on the crowdfunding or other campaign pages, the other regulations shall prevail.

3. Logistics delivery time

KKJ expects delivery within 2-7 working days, see estimated delivery time shown at order checkout for special products. Estimated delivery times are for reference only. The reference time is an estimate based on stock status, normal handling, delivery time and location. This is not a promised arrival time and differs from actual arrival or installation times.

Note: Shipping and delivery may be delayed due to force majeure and reasons beyond our control, such as shipping, weather, government reasons, major events, etc. Buyers are encouraged to visit kkjstore.com and follow the shipping progress on the order details page.


2. Location of KKJ warehouses.

KKJ's warehouses are located in Spain, France, Germany, UK, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy and other countries. We can deliver orders as soon as they are received.


3. On-time delivery on the KKJ platform.

Normal orders will be delivered within 24 - 48 hours.

4. KKJ platform communication suggestions.


Buyers can verify information in the following two ways.

1. After the order is shipped, the system will automatically send an email to the user's bound email address with details of the shipping information.

2. Buyers can check the delivery information in "My Orders" - "Shipped".

5. Acceptance of goods on the KKJ platform.

I. Inspection

1.1 General Inspection of Goods

Before the buyer signs for the product, please check the following.

(1) Whether the product order number, consignee's name, telephone number and other information is correct.

(2) Whether the outer packaging of the product is obviously deformed, damaged or damp.

If any abnormality is found after inspection, the buyer may reject the product at that time.

1.2 Inspection of bulky products 3C

If the buyer is purchasing a 3C product, such as a TV, be sure to open the outer packaging with the delivery person to check the integrity of the product and sign for it before receiving it to ensure that the product is in good condition in appearance. Accessories are complete, check the screen with the delivery person, and sign for the product after all checks are confirmed to be correct.

2. Return Receipt

2.1 Once the KKJ platform has delivered the goods as agreed, the buyer is obliged to receive the goods on time. The person shall be deemed to be the buyer.

2.2 If the delivery address is accurate but the rest of the information filled in by the buyer is not accurate and the product is signed for at the delivery address, it shall be deemed to be signed for by the buyer.

2.3 As long as there is a return receipt for the goods, the delivery shall be deemed to be completed and the risk of damage or loss of the goods shall be borne by the buyer.

6. Taxes

All product prices are inclusive of taxes and duties are borne by KKJ.

7. KKJ Platform Buyer Feedback.

In order to improve the service level of KKJ and merchants, buyers can provide feedback on orders delivered on the KKJ platform.

Feedback Email. support@kkjstore.com